Inter Organizational Practice Committee

Health Care Reform and Neuropsychology Toolkit

The IOPC is a super committee of AACN, NAN, D40, and ABN, tasked with coordinating advocacy efforts and improving the practice climate for Neuropsychology. The Healthcare Reform Toolkit is an evolving interactive website designed to educate neuropsychologists about healthcare reform and share effective practice models

Training Opportunities

Our next generation of neuropsychologists need to enter the job force with a set of skills that allow them to thrive in integrated care settings, and speak the language of utilizing cognitive and psychological data to increase quality health outcomes and decrease costs in large systems.  

This page will be devoted to training opportunities for students, interns and post docs. If you have a training opportunity, please submit it through our web form.


Coming soon: directory of training opportunities for practicum, intern, and postdoctoral students

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Training opportunities in primary care psychology catalogued in new APA directory

A new directory from APA’s Education Directorate lists doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs that provide education and training in primary care psychology.

Members can now access information about doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs that provide training in primary care psychology through the APA Education Directorate’s new Directory of Primary Care Psychology Education and Training Programs.

Training directors who would like to have their program listed in the directory should email Caroline Cope, research officer in the APA Graduate and Postgraduate Education & Training Programs department.