Inter Organizational Practice Committee

Health Care Reform and Neuropsychology Toolkit

The IOPC is a super committee of AACN, NAN, D40, and ABN, tasked with coordinating advocacy efforts and improving the practice climate for Neuropsychology. The Healthcare Reform Toolkit is an evolving interactive website designed to educate neuropsychologists about healthcare reform and share effective practice models

Research funding for innovative practice models in neuropsychology

The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology Foundation

The AACN Foundation considers the study of outcomes imperative in maintaining and improving access to neuropsychological services for individuals with neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. In an era marked by escalating scrutiny in determinations regarding the necessity for healthcare services, priority is being given to evidence-based practices. The AACNF seeks to increase the availability of empirical data addressing the value of neuropsychological services.

AACNF has communicated that they are open to funding grants for outcomes research for innovative practice models in response to healthcare reform.

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NAN Clinical Research Grants Program 

NAN has a competitive grant program that funds and promotes research to address the value, worth, or efficacy of clinical neuropsychological assessment or interventions.  This granting mechanism is highly supportive of research into the various effects of healthcare reform on the practice of neuropsychology and its patients.